H. 3681 is bad for South Carolina

Edit: This post is also available as a letter to the editor at Holy City Sinner, and as one of the posts I have shared on Medium. In Latin, they ask “cui bono?” In English, they ask “who benefits?” In American, we respond “follow the money.” I present South Carolina House Bill H.3681. Let’s find… Continue reading H. 3681 is bad for South Carolina

Calling the Garden from the Grave — A Review

Calling the Garden from the Grave, Lesley Clinton’s new chapbook (available here from Finishing Line Press, $14.99), is a collection of well-balanced tensions — rooted in place, yet unafraid to travel; modern in tone, yet grounded in tradition. Clinton has crafted these poems with care. The result is a chapbook deserving of careful readers.

Productivity In A Pandemic

Among the pandemic’s many, much more pressing issues, I have struggled with a smaller thing: productivity. How does one produce anything in a pandemic?

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To consider writing together

An introductory blog post is a strange genre — I have only ever written a few of them and I find them artificial. Nevertheless, here is an attempt: I am J. D. Graham. I write.